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Silver Servant

Silver Servant, solving inaccessibility by supporting subway riders in under resourced communities

About Us

Why was Silver Servant created?

Although many steps have been taken towards an accessible future in New York City train stations, the issue of inaccessibility is still faced by many New Yorkers today; Specifically, citizens who reside in smaller low income communities.  The fact is that no matter how many changes and policies are made, they are still going to take time, money, and resources that many New Yorkers simply can't wait for. As someone who lives in a community impacted by this issue, high school student Emily Gamble saw the physical struggle her neighbors had to endure when commuting. In response, She created Silver Servant to give New Yorkers in her community the support they needed to commute in a safe and stress free way. 


from satisfied Newyorkers

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"Me and my daughter have a tradition of cooking dinner together. Bringing groceries back and forth has always been hard on my arthritis but, with the help of Silver assistants, commuting with my groceries have been pain-free."

"As a single mother of three whose children are all under the age of 6, taking the train can be extremely hectic, especially with a stroller. With the help of Silver assistants, I’m able to maneuver in the train station easily without having to worry about my children running off."

"After doing laundry, coming home can be a trip, especially when my laundry mat is 5 stops away. I often have to rely on strangers helping me with my cart or using my savings for a cab. With the help of Silver assistants, doing laundry has become a stress free chore both mentally and physically."

Contact info:

Emily Gamble

New York, NY

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